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Save Images From Your Shop

if you are trying to get images of your completed products you don't have to save them one at at time. it is fairly easy to get multiple images if you are using IE.

This is for my version of IE your steps may vary slightly

  1. Close all IE windows.
  2. Open IE, Select Tools then Internet Options.
  3. Under Temporary Internet Files see if there is a Settings button.
  4. Select it, and it should show you the current location of your temporary internet files. You will need that later.
  5. Now Click Cancel then Delete Files to clear your cache.
  6. Go to your CP shop and start viewing the pages that you want images from.
  7. When you are done close IE.
  8. Now use Windows Explorer (your file explorer).
  9. First create a new folder to hold your images.
  10. Now browse to the location of your temporary internet files.
  11. In the files panel scroll along the top until you see "Type"
  12. Click on that to group your files by type.
  13. Now select all the jpg files and drag them or copy them to your new folder.
  14. Go to the new folder, delete the images that you don't want and use the rest.



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