Tutor Tanith

My sites

I have products for sale on a variety of POD sites. I will use these sites as references and examples for the information presented on Tutor Tanith.

My Gallery on ImageKind - art!

My shops on Printfection - to expand beyond the focus on dogs.


My Zazzle shops

DogPlay focuses on dog sports and good bases for customization
DogsOnly taking on the purebred dog focus
PetAdoption for those who love rescue and shelter animals
JustPretty because sometimes I like to make stuff just to make it
QuipsNQuotes because sometimes I just want to say it

My Redbubble gallery - more art based than message based even on the t-shirts

My Skreened Shops

Cartoon Dogs

Spreadshirt - the different methods of printing create unique products and also unique design challenges.


My CafePress Premium Shop DogPlay's Fun Dog Stuff - I have a large number of basic shops but this shop pulls it all together.

My Comboutique shop - this one to serve people in Europe and the UK.



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Tutor Tanith
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