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Creating Links From A Text List (URL Reference)

Let's say you have a list of links to images, like this:


And you want a quick way to convert them to image links so that you can see all the images.

You can use the search and replace feature of just NotePad to do the job. We are taking advantage of the fact that all these links are alike - they start with http:// and they end with .jpg.

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Paste in your links list.
  3. From the menu bar click Edit then Replace.
  4. Where it says "Find what" type http://
  5. Where it says "Replace with" type <br><img src="http://
  6. Click Replace All.
  7. Where it says "Find what" type .jpg
  8. Where it says "Replace with" type .jpg" /> <br>
  9. You may want some kind of label so that you can easily tell which image goes with which link. So type in a label before the <br> of .jpg" /> <br>
        Like .jpg" /> 1. <br> for the first image, .jpg" /> 2. <br> for the second and so on.
  10. From the menu bar click File then Save type in a file name with an .htm extension = and do include the quote marks to ensure the correct file type.
  11. Now find your file and drag it into an open browser window.
  12. This is the result.

You use the same technique if you want to convert a list of links from plain text to something clickable. Hopefully they will all end in either .htm or .html


You can use a spreadsheet to help you convert similar lists to clickable links that keep the link text, let you use more meaningful references, and format your html into a table.


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