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Creating an Email Link

You can type a link onto a page directly. But it may be easier if you get used to using a plain text editor, like NotePad to create your HTML. Do not use "WORD" - you will develop bad habits that will bite later. Word processors, such as WORD, use curly quotes that will make your link not work. You must use "straight quotes". If you don't know where to find NotePad, it is a normal Windows application. It is usually under "Accessories" but you can search for NotePad.exe and click on that file when you find it.

Note: Putting your email link on a web page is usually not a good idea. You will normally get a big increase in spam. "Tricks" such as using javascript to obscure the email address from automatic address collectors no longer works well. The spammers are aware of this and get around it. A much better solution is to use a form to collect the information and then send it to your email box.

Here is how to write an email link:

A link starts with an anchor tag that holds the link in place.


The type of anchor tag is hypertext reference.

<a href=

Then mailto: and the email address someone@example.com don't forget the quotes!

<a href="mailto:someone@example.com"

Now close the tag.

<a href="mailto:someone@example.com">

Type the link text, what your visitor's will see.

<a href="mailto:someone@example.com">Contact me

Type the ending anchor tag.


Copy your link code.

<a href="mailto:someone@example.com">Contact me</a>

Log into your shop.

Click the Manage link.

Select Customize Shop Appearance

Select Custom HTML

Scroll down to Extra Sidebar Content (not all shop templates use this box - see alternatives)

Click the top of the box (you can actually put the code other places but this is the easy way not to accidentally get in between other codes). Putting it at the very end should be equally safe.

Paste your link code.

Click the Save button.

See the video demo on Create Link in CafePress Sidebar

Other locations for your link.

If the link doesn't show there could be several reasons for that. One common reason is the link code was put in the wrong place in a table. Use the Debugging Tables information to see if that is what happened. Also check to make sure you are in the right place for the link to show on the site. For example, if you are using a CafePress Premium shop form for adding custom HTML it is broken down into several boxes. Sometimes the sidebar box is not used. Use the Experimenting with Your Premium Shop tutorial to see how to figure out the structure of the code.

Check out some of the great HTML tutorial resources.



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