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Create Images in Adobe PhotoShop for Print on Demand.

These instructions were written using Adobe Photoshop CS2 but they are similar enough to earlier versions (at least back to 5.5) that you should be able to follow them. The dimensions given are in pixels to help you get the right image size.

  1. Open Photoshop.
  2. Click File then New.
  3. Where it says Width, click the drop down box to change the value from inches to pixels.
  4. Then type in 2000 for the number of pixels wide.
  5. Type in 2000 for the number of pixels high.
  6. For Color Mode select CMYK.
  7. For Background choose Transparent (White is OK if creating for non-dark apparel).
  8. Create your image.
    • If you have an existing graphic, paste it into this new file. Do not try to make it larger. Stretching your image won't look good. If your existing graphic isn't large enough either get creative about using it the size it is, re-draw it, or find another source. You are not required to use the entire design area. You may not legally be allowed to re-draw the image if it isn't yours. Make sure you understand the legal terms for using the image.
    • When selecting text size you can type any numbers you want in the box for text size, you aren't limited to the numbers in the drop down.
  9. When you are done first save the file in its "native" format, .psd. That way you can still edit it later. So Click on File, then Save and give it a file name.
  10. When you are done saving the master copy you will create the file for upload. Click on Layer.
  11. Select Merge Visible.
  12. If you have been working in CMYK mode (see image color articles) then you need to change to RGB. Click on Image, then Mode, select RGB. Otherwise just go to the next step.
  13. Click on File, then SaveAs.
  14. For the file type choose PNG.
  15. Now you are ready to upload the file and apply it to products.




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