Tutor Tanith

Tutorials from Shopaholic Chick

Unedited Posts on Quick Create - some repetition, no organization but lots of information

Zazzle Tutorials By Ricaso 

Zazzle University - video and written tutorials on topics such as

  • Tweetferring - Referring Your Products on Twitter
  • Quick Product Create a.k.a. Bulk Creation
  • Referral Link Building
  • Creating Product Temaplates
  • Zazzle Store Builder
  • Advanced Store Customization
  • Merchandising Your Products - 5 Keys to Promoting Your Products

Zazzle Forum and Top Ten Mistakes

Card templates

Zstore Help video tutorials showing how to use Zstore/Store Builder and maximize its capability.

Customizing Your Zazzle store - From Webomater - customize the Zazzle sidebar to fancy it up, reorganize the sidebar, add a new custom page.

Zazzler Tutorials

Beginner's Guide to Zazzle (aka You Suck at Zazzle) - a link to a 40 page downloadable book (free - donations encouraged) and a pointer to a number of videos.

Zazzle Create-a-Product API - this is very advanced stuff for putting forms on your own web site that allow your visitors to customize their products there. 




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