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The Basic and Premium Shops are considered to be suited to the "serious seller" in contrast to the "Shop" which is designed for a different audience. A single account is allowed to have multiple shops, and multiple types of shops. People often ask which to open. This is part discussion, and part overview.

One premium shop makes more than one basic shop. One premium shop has a lot more products than one basic shop. If you have a premium shop with 100 sections, and 100 basic shops you will make about the same number of marketplace sales.

However, your ability to manage your products, add new ones and most importantly market externally is far easier with one premium over a huge number of basics. It takes a LOT of different well done designs to make regular sales. And when you have a LOT then you want tools to make promotion and management easier. Premium shops have those tools.

My "shop" sales from my premium shop are a lot higher than my "shop" sales from my basic shops simply because it is far easier to manage and encourage exploring in a single premium shop. And "shop" sales have a lot higher return than marketplace sales.

Bottom line, if you rely only on marketplace sales then premium and basic are about the same for income, premium being easier to keep updated. If you are successfully marketing your shops and bringing sales directly to the shop then in general the premium will bring in more than the equivalent number of basics. It is easier to market a single url.

Basic Shop
Premium Shop
Cost Free Free $6.95/mo with reductions for advance payment
Choose Markup for Sales Made Through the Shop No, limited to 10% of price CafePress sets Yes Yes
Rate of Compensation Different for Sale through the Marketplace N/A = products do not appear in the marketplace Yes - 10% of price set by CafePress Yes - 10% of price set by CafePress
Products Can Appear in CafePress MarketPlace No Yes Yes
Add more than one of a product type (e.g. two mouse pads) Yes (but each must be in different design group - limit 12) No Yes - no limit stated
Supports multiple "sections" or design groups (like a folder) Yes No Yes
Limits to "sections" or design groups 12 N/A 500
Choose products to include in the shop No - designs are applied to a pre-determined set of products. Yes Yes
Remove unwanted products No Yes Yes
Remove designs from products Yes Yes Yes
Customize the shop banner No - but can choose from selection of provided templates. Yes Yes
Link from Shop Banner to External web site No Yes Yes
Customize the shop layout No No Yes
Can open multiple shops in same account Yes Yes Yes
Design on-line Yes Yes Yes
Graphics program required even for text No Yes Yes
Design back of dark shirts No Yes Yes
Design back of light shirts No Yes Yes
Link from outside shop directly to a specific product No Yes Yes
Use "templates" to create standard product sets and mark-up. No No Yes
Personalization of designed products by customer No No No
Upgrade from free to paid Premium Shop No Yes  
Import (copy) products into shop from other shops No No Yes
Import (copy) products from shop into a premium shop No Yes Yes



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