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Other locations for your link.

Supress the sidebar on any particular page

You can replace the sidebar with one of your own coding.

Adding a sidebar from another shop


THE CP sidebar is a table placed inside another table. The exact structure differs depending upon the template used. In some templates the sidebar is coded into the html header box, in other cases it is coded in the separate sidebar box. If you have two sidebars then yours is coded into the html header box, turn off "show sidebar." Learn more about your shop structure by reviewing "experiment with your premium shop."

You can type new html content into the sidebar box directly, but it will be easier if you get used to using a plain text editor, like NotePad to create your HTML. Do not use "WORD" or other word processors. They use curly quotes that will make your link not work. You must use "straight quotes". If you don't know where to find NotePad, it is a normal Windows application. It is usually under "Accessories" but you can search for NotePad.exe and click on that file when you find it. More sidebar tips below.

Log into your shop.

Click the Manage link.

Select Customize Shop Appearance

Select Custom HTML

Scroll down to Extra Sidebar Content (not all shop templates use this box - see alternatives)

Click the top of the box (you can actually put the code other places but this is the easy way not to accidentally get in between other codes). Putting it at the very end should be equally safe.

Paste your link code.

Click the Save button.

See the video demo on Create Link in CafePress Sidebar

Other locations for your link.

If the link doesn't show when you put it in the very top or very bottom of the "Extra Sidebar Content" box there could be several reasons for that. The shop templates are not identical in structure. It could be that your shop template does not use that sidebar box at all. Just make sure you put the code inside a table cell. See the information on Debugging Tables.

Usually putting your link code inside paragraph tags helps set your link off a bit.

<p> <a href="http://www.dogplay.com">DogPlay Fun Things to Do With Your Dog</a></p>

Check out some of the great HTML tutorial resources.

Supress the sidebar on any particular page

<style type="text/css">
.sidebarbg { display: none; } </style>

in your section description.

You can turn off the front page listing. That suppresses most automatic content to the front page. Then you code your front page yourself.

If you have two sidebars showing that is because the template you are using has the sidebar coded in as part of the main page. Just uncheck the "show sidebar" and you will only be showing one.

You can replace the sidebar with one of your own coding.

There are several special codes that act as "placeholders." You put the code on your page and when it is viewed the code is replaced by something like the sidebar links, product drop down, store name etc.

<cpstore:sidebar> generates list of sections appearing below the location of this code
<cpstore:producttypedropdown> generates the product dropdown list
<cpstore:bio> generates the shopkeeper bio
<span class="headtxt"><cpstore:name></span> generates the shopname

Tips for merging sidebars from two shops

Section limits in the CafePress premium shops create a challenge. How do you move a customer between shops easily and smoothly? One way is to use a script kindly hosted by fellow shop keeper Teesed. Instructions for installing it are stickied to the top of the Premium Shops & Shop Customization topic area. The name of the post is Merging two shops' sidebars Other shop merging information is available from Shopaholic Chick at http://www.squidoo.com/Cpshoplinking. Using sections with redirects is one method.


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